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Bulls, beaches, nudity, tapas, paellas; seen it all with our mates! Chapter 1: Madrid Dreading the searing summer heat above anything else, we arrived into Madrid from Palermo. As with every big city, it had been extremely difficult to find … Read More


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Home of the best desert the Mediterranean has to offer – Pasteis de Belen! A 10 hour flight and barely 4 hours of sleep later, we were off to catch our first ever RyanAir flight. For all the negative whispers … Read More


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The best beer that ever will be 8 months and 10 hours on a Jetblue flight (that looked to be straight out of the 80s) later, we were out of our beloved Latin America and back in the European continent. … Read More

Not for a better world, not for a better life, just for a whole hearted laugh

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Trumpeted about many a time before. Published in countless books by people who might know about it. Spoken about over a beer in numerous bars across the world. Countless people acknowledge it. A small minority actually live it. Why is … Read More


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Sunset capital of the world After 2 months on the road, the time was ripe. Post visits to plenty of new places, acquainting ourselves with new people and their cultures, the time had come to re-acquaint ourselves with people previously … Read More


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Peirogi – the best thing since.. well Chinese dumplings After months of planning with Ula, the first couch surfer we’d known from prior given that she surfed our couch in Sydney, here we were in Cracow, Poland. Chapter 1: Throwback … Read More

The Czech Republic

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Blonde paradise Our first step into a country that did not use the Euro kicked off with a trip from Berlin to everyone’s favourite city in Central Europe – Prague/Praha. Chapter 1: Cost, Beer and Women The first thing that’ll … Read More

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