Not for a better world, not for a better life, just for a whole hearted laugh

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Trumpeted about many a time before. Published in countless books by people who might know about it. Spoken about over a beer in numerous bars across the world. Countless people acknowledge it. A small minority actually live it. Why is it that hard for the people of this world to comprehend that true satisfaction with one’s life is not measured by what has been scaled in the corporate ladder or by the things you own, but is by how many times in your life you’ve enjoyed a whole hearted laugh.

I don’t want to know what is right, actually I don’t know what is right – a communist, socialistic way society or a capitalistic, imperialistic way of life, but one thing I know for sure, I want to make and sustain happy relationships with as many people as I can during the course of my life. I do not want to leave footprints in the sands of time in the corporate world, or be known for the wealth I possess; I’d rather be known as the bloke who had seen a lot of the world, met people from different backgrounds, cultures and formed happy, sustained relationships with them – all via means of a good whole hearted laugh.

But again, to most that might seem easier said than done like most other things in life. It’s not.

I’ve been traveling for the last 8 months around Latin America and Europe and the more people I meet, the more lives I see being lived out, the more I am convinced that all I need to do is – laugh, laugh and laugh. But, as many would ask, how is all that travel possible without plenty of money being made? You must have saved up plenty to be gallivanting around the world and pretending to be worldly wise. No, we don’t have that much money saved, and we certainly have a long way to go before becoming worldly wise. All we need is to make enough money so as to travel (with a bit reserved for a rainy day or two), seek out opportunities to meet and interact with people and see more of this world we inhabit, in this one life that we have bestowed upon us. Can’t be that hard, can it? It’s not. The moment you shed your need for materialistic desires, ambition to be the most powerful around, you are no different than us. Yes, it’s in our nature as humans to be driven by desire, greed to attain more, show it all off, but it’s not out worldly to do so otherwise. You don’t need to have a million dollars stashed away to travel the world and experience the pleasures that accompany it. Dee and I have done as much traveling as any other traveler out on the road and all within a very very manageable budget. It’s possible, I state it in every single blog I write.

But but, a family? How can we raise a family? How can we save enough so as to send our kids to good schools and ensure they are well educated? Education, what is it? Enough knowledge on how the society around us functions along with a bit of scientific and practical knowledge required to ensure we are capable of making a living. Can that not be taught through home schooling if the parents themselves had had a similar upbringing? In my travels, I’ve come across 10-11 year old kids that have been traveling with their parents, working at volunteer organisations, cooking for themselves, attending local schools in foreign languages and being home schooled at the same time by their parents, and guess what, they seem to be turning out just like you and me, if not better. I am not advocating for all children of the world to be home schooled, as it is not possible in some cases, but at the end of the day, what they learn from you as a parent, shapes their attitude in life towards any task, activity or situation.

After all, what is it that you seek? A life filled with travel, quality time with your family and mates – the very essence of happiness, right? You can get out of that corporate rut, do the job YOU want, setup an enterprise, work for an event agency, what ever suits your taste, atleast it give it a go. Stop following the rest of the smart phone branding, tablet swishing folks in suits and designer wear and especially those internet mongrels that put up ‘inspiring’ status messages and call for arms to follow them and the likes. Disconnect yourself from that online world you think you cannot live without, hell I’ve been to countries with none of the fancy hi-speed cable internet and TV whose citizens are happier than ever. As a test, give yourself 2 weeks of not connecting to the online world and see how you fare. You might accomplish more than you might do in an entire lifetime. Don’t believe that you are doing all that you are now to buy yourself the freedom to do what you want later. It won’t happen. Be what you desire to be. The only way is to be that change you desire to see, whether in yourself or in the world around you. Laugh, laugh laugh aplenty.

As always I finish off with my favourite quote.

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. Carpe Diem – Mark Twain (edited by I)

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    Couldn’t get up on a Saturday morning to something better than this! Sometimes, it’s worthwhile to stop doing all that you’re doing or saying and muse, ponder and reflect over the direction or path you’re travelling. I am so happy that you guys are living life by the moment and cherishing every bit and enjoying the true essence of it. A good laugh is priceless..costs nothing..but lifts you from all and sundry. Lots of love.

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