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Go Slow Maan! So, I discovered that most of the people I know were not aware of the existence of this little English and Creole (an English dialect) speaking country on the Caribbean coast of Central America. A shame, because … Read More


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Where Spanish is truly romantic After 6 splendid weeks of beaching and learning Spanish at Montanita, volunteering with the kids at the Arte Del Mundo at Baños, and taking in the beauty of the Quilatola loop, with heavy hearts we … Read More


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Home outside home From the beaches of Mancora in Peru, we got to the concrete jungle, that is Guayaquil, Ecuador early in the morning via a bus that barely held itself together on the 7 hour ride. Hot, humid, dusty … Read More


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Country housing the best food that South America has to serve Once you travel in South America for a while, you will get to know that what the bus operators tell you about a journey is exactly the opposite of … Read More


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Strip country I call Chile ‘Strip country’ as it’s a country that’s as barely wide as a thin strip of velcro on a world map. Yes my comparisons are a bit far stretched, but let’s move on. We had planned … Read More

Argentina Revisited

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If you have to eat meat just the one time, you eat it here With Brasil and its people still in our thoughts, we embarked on a 20 hour luxury bus ride from Porto Alegre in Brasil to Buenos Aires, … Read More


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Lights, colour, firecrackers! It was time to go home. Well not quite, but we had planned to visit our family in India and mates in Dubai over the month of November. We had specifically picked November as it would be … Read More


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Sunset capital of the world After 2 months on the road, the time was ripe. Post visits to plenty of new places, acquainting ourselves with new people and their cultures, the time had come to re-acquaint ourselves with people previously … Read More

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